Fort Worth Church Celebrates Doctor’s Ebola Recovery

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – For the first time in nearly a month, Fort Worth doctor Kent Brantly is out of the hospital. Nancy Writebol, a colleague of his who also contracted Ebola, was released Tuesday.

There was joy for Brantly as he left Emory hospital Thursday. He gave his team of doctors a round of high fives.

Kent Brantley spent weeks recovering from deadly Ebola and now he leaves the Atlanta hospital for time alone with his family. His church family hopes to welcome him back soon after having their prayers answered.

Members of Southside Church of Christ in Fort Worth eagerly awaited the first sight of Kent Brantly who emerged in front of cameras as a rare survivor of Ebola.

“Today is a miraculous day. I’m thrilled to be alive, to be well,” said Brantly during his press conference.

One of Brantly’s church members, who has prayed for his…

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