DJ Laz Back On The Radio, Talks About Tragic Boat Accident

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – It was a day of celebration at Hits 97.3 radio Monday morning as veteran radio personality DJ Laz debuted his all new morning show, DJ Laz in the morning with co-host Kimmy B at his side.

“It’s difficult not to have chemistry with this guy,” said Kimmy Bell, also known as Kimmy B. “Were both basically born and raised here so we hit it off instantly and all powers that be said wow.”

Wow is exactly what DJ Laz said after Monday morning’s first show.

Watch the report, click here.

“I’m not good at certain things. Running a marathon isn’t one of the things I am good at,” Laz told CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo. “Radio, I’m good at. It’s my passion and for me there’s no better place to be than radio. The welcome home has been overwhelming.”

For 22 years, DJ Laz, whose real name is Lazaro…

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