Officer Involved Shooting In Barton County Still Under Investigation


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GREAT BEND, Kansas-Authorities say what started as a domestic dispute, and a shooting ended with a gun fire and a suspect shot and killed.
The suspect is 71 year old George Carson, his son called 911 saying the father fired on him, shooting him in the hand.
When Barton County Sheriff’s Deputies and the Kansas Highway Patrol arrived on the scene the gunfire started again.
“When the officers arrived at the scene they were confronted by a armed suspect, there was an exchange of gunfire at the scene, the suspect was wounded in that exchange of gunfire, and he later died at the Hoisington hospital,” said Barton County Sheriff Brian Bellendir.
Deputies say one round hit a sheriff’s vehicle, both the K.H.P and Sheriff’s Department returned fire, now the K.B.I is investigating if the fatal gunshot was fired by troopers or deputies.
“I can confirm that one…

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