Man Arrested After Stolen Mail & Credit Card Scanner Found In Car

CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami man was arrested after Monroe County deputies reportedly found stolen mail and a credit card scanner in his car.

The sheriff’s office said they received several phone calls Sunday, Sept. 7th, about the driver of a black Lexus with heavily tinted windows who was stopping at mailboxes and taking the mail in a neighborhood near Marathon.

Deputy Gil Gonzalez spotted the car leaving the area and stopped it. According to Gonzalez, the car smelled like marijuana. When he asked the driver, 22-year old David Arshad about it, Arshad reportedly confessed that he had been smoking pot.

Inside the car, Gonzalez found small amounts of a “leafy green substance” and a pipe. He also reportedly found a envelopes addressed to various people and a credit card scanner. Among the names on the mail were three Sheriff’s deputies’ names.

The sheriff’s office said Arshad had not only…

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