Ah, the joy of watching your kids chug pitchers of beer … and other bizarre college traditions

CBS Houston

By John P. Lopez

My son chugged a pitcher of beer in about 40-seconds. My daughter did it in a bit over a minute-and-a-half. Neither hurled. Neither looked unaccustomed or afraid of the daunting task. Both handled the rest of the night with aplomb.

And I didn’t know whether to beam with pride or hang my head in shame. I beamed with pride — mostly because earning their Senior Rings got them both one step closer to getting off Dad’s payroll.

If you are unaware, the event was Aggie Ring Dunk, an Aggie Baptism of sorts and a tradition that began when I was in school in the 1980s. It usually happened the day you picked up your Aggie Ring. But what began as a few friends heading to the Dixie Chicken to order a cold pitcher, then drop their ring to the bottom and chug until you could grab…

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