Battleground Texas Runs Into State Registration Laws

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

HOUSTON (AP) — The liberal-leaning group aiming to register thousands of new voters to help Democrats says Texas laws have made it harder to keep its volunteers eligible.

The Houston Chronicle reports that Battleground Texas expects thousands of its deputy voter registrars to lose their state certification at the end of this year.

Texas law allows registrars to serve two-year terms that expire at the end of even-number years.

Battleground Texas volunteer registrars will have to go undergo training before they can be re-certified to register new voters.

Voter protection director Mimi Marziani calls the state’s requirements “wildly burdensome.” But Texas Rep. Jim Murphy, the Houston Republican who sponsored the bill adding registrar training, said the law “takes away the defense of, `I didn’t know I couldn’t do that.”’

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