Night runners want county funding, claim nocturnal activities have massively boosted security in the area

Night runners have demanded funding saying Migori and Homa Bay county governments discriminate them.

The self proclaimed President of the night runners, Jack Songo aka Moses Okinyi who claims to have been elected by colleagues.

Attempts to pursue development initiatives have flopped since the counties have channeled the funds to other projects, said Kenya Night Runners Union Jack Songo.

“Our nocturnal activities have massively boosted security in the areas. There is need for the government to recognise our union and allocate us some funds,” he said.

The union has domesticated wild animals through witchcraft, Songo said.

He said it has tamed 214 hyenas and hippos which members ride during their nightly activities.

He added that crocodiles and snakes have also been domesticated.

Songo spoke to the Star on phone on Thursday, from Gwasii area in Homa Bay, where he attended the burial of a member who died “in the line of duty”

“Our colleague died while enjoying a night ride on a hyena during his duties. The overjoyed animal had jumped into a thicket when a tree stump hit his chest,” he said.

He said the burial was “indecent” because of the lack of a welfare association and county support.

Songo further urged Sports CS Hassan Wario to ensure that money is allocated to their activities.

“We also want the government to direct CIDs to give us certificates of good conduct. Police only offer us bad conduct documents,” he said.

He said the union has about 7,500 members, mostly from the Coast.

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