Donald Trump would be richer if he’d have invested in index funds

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump Scott Olson / Getty Images

Index funds are friend, not foe.

Trump’s net worth has grown about 300% to an estimated $4 billion since 1987, according to a report by theAssociated Press. But the real estate mogul would have made even more money if he had just invested in index funds. The AP says that, if Trump had invested in an index fund in 1988, his net worth would be as much as $13 billion.

The S&P 500 has grown 1,336% since 1988.

Other billionaires’ net worths have beaten the stock market’s growth in that time. Bill Gates, for example, saw his grow increase 7,173% since 1988 to $80 billion. Warren Buffet’s wealth grew 2,612% in the same time period, to $67.8 billion.

Another recent Associated Press report found that Trump is a much more cautious businessman than he lets on. “He holds few stocks for someone of his wealth and has grown increasingly dependent on making money by lending out his name to others rather than developing real estate himself,” the AP wrote.

One thought on “Donald Trump would be richer if he’d have invested in index funds

  1. $13 billion projected … $3 Billion actual… difference of $10 000 000 000.00 richer…. 35 years since 1982…. $10B divided by 35= $285M… $285 MILLION Divided by 365 days in a year = $782 000.00 EVERY DAY….. So Donald Trump has bled his Grandfathers fortune to the tune of $782 000.00 EVERY SINGLE DAY for how many years? 35 years.. .
    NOTE: I am speaking of equivalent amounts in todays terms…
    Can anybody name a worse businessman in the entire history of mankind?

    There has NEVER been a businessman as bad as Donald Trump in the entire History of Mankind. It is very remarkable that America was fooled by this idiot. Guess Americans need a Netflix movie to teach them.. maybe in a few years… After he destroys their country.. My Country already has legal marijuana, Free health care, legalized prostitution, legal abortions, legal gay marriages (like it should really matter to asshats what consenting adults do inside the privacy of their home… If you care about them.. you’re evil. I have three kids and if any proved gay.. I would not shed a tear except to worry about asshat prejudiced nutters)…

    Donald Trump is however very funny and we enjoy watching your country for the laugh of it. As long as he doesn’t nuke the world he wont hurt my family… Sadly Americans are dying at an unprecedented rate…


    Oh.. Add the amount of Americans who died in Vietnam over 10 years… then add all of the soldiers who died in Iraq, Afghanistan, and gulf wars… THEN YOU STILL HAVE LESS DEAD THAN THE AMOUNT OF OPIODE DEATHS IN 2017.

    While your president does NOTHING… Why would he .. he is the biggest idiot in the history of mankind..

    But DONALD TRUMP IS NOT TO BLAME! Look.. He is still loved by 1/3 of Americans…. That is how stupid America is.

    America has the stupidest businessman in the history of mankind running their country.. YET THEY VOTED FOR HIM. They still love him..

    Sucks to be in the USA… I feel bad for you all.

    Hopefully you can recover and turn blue after Trump…


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