Unlike its name, AGR FM broadcasts in ENGLISH, SWAHILI and ‘Ekegusii’ – leaving a footprint that includes All countries from TEXAS, USA. Online @ http://www.abagusiiglobalradio.com  also AGR FM 24 hour Gospel format featuring nonstop, talk show, interactive forums, sermons, music, lesson, family life, promoting local artists, political stands, news, live event coverage in ENGLISH, SWAHILI and ‘Ekegusii’ AGR FM broadcasts globally on internet TuneIn Radio  Skype, Streema Tweeter, Facebook and toll free within USA +1 213 401 0095 and talk line +1 818 475 9201.  TELEVISION NETWORK AGR FM provides hope, and is a joyful total transformation with an expansive outreach. AGR FM – Now reaching Luo. Luhya,and Kikuyu community in diaspora…and now AGR FM brings an e-paper which collects news for news hour broadcast. Stay Tuned, CHANGES ARE INEVITABLE!



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